Evercoat EZ Ultra Lite 3LT

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Evercoat EZ Ultra Lite 3LT Super easy sanding professional lightweight filler

  • Smooth spreading and easy to apply.
  • Ideal for large repair areas.
  • Exceptionally easy to sand with super fast material removal.
  • Unique tack-free, non-clog, ultra-fine formula.
  • Excellent adhesion with a fine feather edge.
  • Reduces effort, process time and abrasive consumption.
  • Suitable for steel, zinc-coated steel, aluminium, hard plastics and galvanized.

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Because of its 3 litre tin, this Evercoat EZ Ultra Lite filler is ideal for large repairs. It is suitable for steel, aluminium, and hard plastics.

Excellent vertical stability
Spreading that is smooth
Filler in grey
Fills a vertical surface to a depth of 20-25mm.
All Evercoat fillers adhere to any substrate, including aluminium and galvanised steel. They contain more resin than traditional European fillers, making them less porous. This results in less moisture penetration and primer absorption. The most popular easy sand fillers are easier to sand, spread, and rework. So the process time is reduced. It also dries quicker. Small pinholes Evercoat makes the best filler in the world, in our opinion.

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