Upol Onion Board Single Use 100 Sheets

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The Upol Onion Board Mixing Palette provides a clean solution for the mixing filler pastes and materials. It also can help to reduce pinholing. The Specially formulated paper avoids soaking up resins and solvents. The Onion board is simple to use, you simply tear off and discard used sheet.

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Damaged bodywork and rust can be a car owner’s nightmare. You work hard to take good care of your vehicle but sometimes no matter what you do, damage to your bodywork is unavoidable. So the big question is do you opt for the expensive professional repairs or do you go about the repairs yourself? With a wide range of automotive repair and refinishing products UPol may just have an easy affordable solution.

UPol – A world leader in automotive refinish products. Recognised globally with sales in over 100 countries, UPol are committed to providing their customers with nothing but products of the highest quality.

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