Demon Tape™ Optimum 110°C Automotive Masking Tape Great Value!

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Demon Tape Optimum110°C is a Up Market automotive masking tape which has been designed, developed and manufactured for refinishing, detailing and spray painting professionals. Guaranteed to work well at temperatures of up to 110ºC.
Saturated semi crepe paper coated with a special cross-linked natural rubber adhesive, Compatible with both water and solvent based paints with residue free removal.

One of the few masking tapes that has been specially designed to lower the density of its tape, hence reducing hard paint lines while keeping a high tensile strength.

This results in a robust masking tape with greater flexibility, allowing it to smoothly curve with no splitting or lifting while repelling both solvent and water-based paints with no penetration or bleeding.

This procedure generates the ideal amount of stickiness when applied with no signs of adhesive residue when removed by using a unique premium crepe paper coated with a specially designed cross-linked natural rubber adhesive.


  • Performs at temperatures of up to 110°C
  • Excellent tape to tape adhesion
  • Solvent and thinner resistant
  • High initial tack
  • Easy residue free removal
  • Good tape strength with easy tear
  • Compatible with water and solvent based paints
  • Uniform edge with no paint bleed
  • Easy curving to contours
  • Consistent tape thickness
  • Easy application on uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for both metallic and plastic surfaces