Sagola and Sagola Spray Guns are the industry leader in mid-range and high-end spray gun equipment and has been supplying spray and bodyshops throughout Europe for more than 60 years. Their products are manufactured to the highest standards. Because Sagola is constantly extending their product line and entering new markets, there are many configuration and option choices. Uses ranging from Clearcoat Guns, touch up guns to SMART Repairs.  Call and ask to speak to one of our automotive professionals to determine the best product for your application.


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 Automotive Paint Systems

Automotive Paint Systems Instore or Online. you can buy Sagola Spray Guns Such as the Mini Xtreme, 4600 Xtreme and the 3300 GTO.
Mixed up Car Paints to Code, Clear Coat or lacquer Kits, Primer Kits, Consumables to bespoke paint. PPE to finishing items and equipment. 
Providing everything required for the best automotive or industrial refinishing. We have everything you need from the industry's finest suppliers and manufacturers, from 
Take Advantage of our extensive range and grab a bargain today. All prices are exclusive of VAT +Shipping will be added on checkout. All orders placed before 12pm with be same day dispatch with Nextday Overnight. Come See us in our Flagship Store in Bolton. Any more information required please do not hesitate to get in touch.