Sagola 475 XTech Gravity Touch Up Gun

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Sagola 475 XTech Gravity Touch Up Gun:

Small-scale retouching and detailing require precise solutions.
Very high spray quality Lightweight injected aluminium body

Compact gravity spray guns are perfect for feathering, minor patches, retouches, and/or repainting small pieces because of their compact size.

125 cc high-quality deposit with paint filter included.

large selection of solutions and nozzles.

To get the greatest precision with the slightest feathering, use the special aircap R5. Regulation and definition. comparable to an airbrush 0.5 mm nozzles

The best atomization for feathering and retouching is 05 Aircap. 0.5 and 0.8 mm needles and nozzles.

10 Aircap: quick and adaptable. clearcoats and metallics. 1.0 mm nozzles and needle.

*Needle & Nozzle Kits Available on Request via Email.

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The Sagola 475 XTech offers precision solutions for tiny details and retouches
Very high quality of spray
Very light injected-aluminium body

The 475 Xtech is a compact gravity spray gun, due to its small size it is ideal for feathering, small retouches, patches and/or repainting small parts.

Comes with a 125 cc. high quality deposit with paint filter.

Large variety of nozzle & needle and solutions.

Special aircap R5: to obtain the maximum precision at the tiniest feathering. Definition and regulation. Similar to an airbrush. Nozzles of 0.5 mm.

05 Aircap: highest quality atomisation for feathering and retouch. Nozzles & needle 0.5 and 0.8 mm.

10 Aircap: fast and versatile. Metallics and clearcoats. Nozzles & needle 1.0 mm.

Please leave a note including your set up : 05 Aircap 0.5mm | 05 Aircap 0.8mm | 10 Aircap 1.00mm | R5 Aircap 0.5mm

Weight with cup 330g
Cup capacity 125 c.c.
Air inlet couplings 1/4” male
Design pressure 8 bar
Incorporates 100-mesh paint filter Yes
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 2,0 – 3,0 bar
Air consumption (3 bar inlet) – Boq. 05 100 L/min
Air consumption (3 bar inlet) – Boq. 10 110 L/min
Air consumption (3 bar inlet) – Boq. R5 45 L/min
Weight 1 kg