Evercoat 440 Express Pin Hole Eliminator 473ml

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Evercoat 440 Express Pin hole Eliminator. enhances the coverage of your primer and pins holes don’t stand a chance with a wipe of a cloth, HS and Fast drying allowing you to get on with your work! Must be applied only to cured and sanded surfaces. Evercoat Express is a quick fix for micro-pinholes that are difficult to find before applying primer. High-solids polyester with this 1K patent-pending technology is simple to use and dries quickly. It has been demonstrated through testing that proper use will eliminate up to 90% of all rework brought on by micro-pinholes.


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 The following cured and sanded products:
Evercoat 2K Putties Evercoat Premium Fillers
Evercoat Quantum1™ 10:1 Products Cured and Sanded 2K Primer Surfacers
(When applying over a sanded 2K surfacer area must be re-primed and sanded or
sealed before applying base coat)
 Finish sand the repair with 180-grit or finer sandpaper.
 Remove dust with compressed air.
 Shake 440 Express and apply a small amount on the applicator sponge or the repair area.
 Wipe 440 Express over the entire repair area.
Multiple applications may be necessary on larger repair areas.
 Continue to wipe until a light coat of 440Express has been applied. When applied
properly, the repair area will still be visible through the light coat.
 Allow to dry 15 minutes and apply a primer surfacer according to paint manufacturer’s
If excess material builds up on the repair area, allow to dry 15-20 minutes, then lightly sand
with 320 grit or finer sandpaper to remove any excess product prior to applying primer.
NOTE: When using waterborne primers, allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. Finish by
sanding with 320 or finer sandpaper, then follow your waterborne coating
manufacturers’ recommendations.

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