Evercoat Rage Optex Premium Body Filler 6L FREE Large Gas Monkey T-Shirt

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Evercoat Rage Optex Premium Body Filler 6lt

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Rage Optex Body Filler “Green Means Go!”

It is easy to apply and virtually eliminates pinholes.
Optex has excellent adhesion to sanded body filler, steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, E-Coat, SMC, fibreglass, cured sanded 2k primer and many other substrates.
Rage Optex premium body filler changes from pink to light green letting the user know it is properly catalysed.
can be applied directly over sanded OEM clearcoats.

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How to use Rage Optex :

  1. Clean and degrease the panel  that is to be repaired
  2. Remove the paint of the area to be filled with a small grit we recommend P80
  3. Sand and feather the edge with P180 and remove any dust with compressed air
  4. Apply Rage Optex with firm and even pressure and a thin layer. the repair will slowly turn from pink into a light green between 16 and 20 mins. once the colour change has happened this indicated that Rage Optex is dry and ready to be sanded
  5. Sand the filler to shape with a P80 disc , the sand again then feather the edge with a P180 Sanding Disc
  6. (optional) Apply Evercoat 4400 Express Pin Hole Eliminator with a sponge over the entire, this removes the need for rework by eliminating pin holes

The colour of OPTEX body filler products changes from pink to green, indicating to the body shop technician that the repair has been properly catalysed and is ready to sand. Whether repairing large or minor dents, OPTEX removes the guesswork from the application process, saving body shops time and money.

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