Flap Disc 115mm, 80 Grit 22.2mm Centre Bore Disc 10 PCS

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 Flap Disc

Professional flap discs for the aggressive effective removal of surface materials without damaging the finished workpiece.

These superior quality discs are engineered for multiple applications including light stock removal, blending and finishing, meaning they can help reduce processing times and lower costs.

Flap discs have a fast cut and provide a better finish than fibre discs while having the added benefit of a longer life.

Size 115mm

Flaps 54

Centre bore 22.2mm

Grit 80

10 Discs per pack

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A premium, long life and heavy duty zirconium flap disc for consistent and rapid performance whilst grinding, finishing, removing paint and weld dressing. Ideal for flat and curved surfaces.

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