Final Systems Ultimate 2K HS Fast Clearcoat Kit 2:1 Ratio (7.5L)

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  • Oven Bake: 15 mins at 60°c
  • Mixing Ratio: 2:1
  • No. Coats (x2): 1 3/4 wet & 1 full wet coat
  • Flash off: 5-10 mins at 20°c between coats
  • Air dry: 3.5 hours at 20°c


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Final Systems clearcoat kits come with a choice of hardener speeds: Fast, Extra Fast, and Super Rapid!

NEW to the market, Final Systems Ultimate Clearcoat is the result of the FLP Group team’s creative, competent, and skillful labour. Water white, high solids clearcoat that is VOC compliant, has great depth of gloss, excellent flow characteristics, and is simple to apply. Additionally, this comes in four hardener speeds: ordinary, fast, extra fast, and super rapid. for uses ranging from complete re-sprayings to fixing individual panels. For complete application information, please consult the technical data sheet.


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