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This sander utilizes a random orbital motion, which means the sanding pad moves in both a circular and an elliptical pattern. This random orbital action reduces the risk of swirl marks or scratches on the surface, providing a smooth and even finish.

The sander is equipped with a built-in dust extraction system or dust collection port, which helps to minimize the amount of dust and debris generated during sanding. This feature is beneficial for both your health and the cleanliness of the work area

The Indasa E-Series PRO XS sander is designed with user comfort in mind. It has an ergonomic handle and a lightweight construction, making it easier to handle and reducing user fatigue during extended sanding sessions.

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Indasa E-Series Pro XS orbital sander has been designed with a brushless motor 400W meaning it delivers high power yet is low maintenance. Packed with great features including a grip system, a variable speed regulator and outstanding dust extraction capability, the Pro XS delivers performance and reliability making it ideal for professional use. Its ergonomic design, low noise and low vibration operation make the sending process easy and comfortable. The E-Series Pro XS sander is fully compatible with Indasa’s Abrasives System.

  • Low noise, low vibration and low heat generation
  • Outstanding dust extraction capability
  • Brushless motor 400W

Area: Interior and exterior

Recommended Use: Ideal for sanding most surfaces including old paint, fillers, primers, clear coats, top coats, gel coats and fibre glass, plus many more.