Kapci Coatings Smart Repair Midi Scheme Solvent Base Tinters Solid & Metallic Colours

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Kapci Coatings:

Tinters from the Kapci Midi solvent scheme.

plastic containers with easy to use flip lids. No messy tins or spills. Mixing ratio 1:1.

Please select colour needed using drop down boxes.

Tinter Name

B010s- Super White, B0100- Binder, B011- Transp. Blueish White, B017- High Concentrate White, B220- Light Yellow Chrome, B222- Opaque Reddish Yellow, B223- Medium Chrome Yellow, B224- Transp. Reddish yellow, B225- Transp. Greenish Yellow, B226- Transp. Oxide Yellow, B227- Transp. Bright Yellow, B229- Opaque Bright Yellow, B230- Oxide Yellow, B390- Mixing Black, B456- Transp.Blue Violet, B471- Transparent Yellow, B472- Transp. Light Reddish Blue, B473- Trnsp. Violet Blue, B474- Transp. Light Greenish Blue, B475- Transp. Reddish Blue, B476- Transp.Green Blue, B477- Transp. Deep Greenish Blue, B632- Transp. Oxide Red, B640- Opaque Orange Red, B641-Transp. Bright Red, B644- Opaque Redddish orange, B650- Oxide Red, B651- Semi Transp. Blueish Red, B652- Transparent Maroon, B653- Transp. Pink, B654- Transp. Red Violet, B655- Brilliant Red, B656- Opaque Ultra Bright Red, B657- Transp. Red brown, B658- Transp. Scarlet Red, B659- Opaque Bright Red, B707 Flip Flop Adjuster, B760- Transp. Bluish Green, B010 White, B392- Black, B393- Jet Black, B110- Metallic Fine
B111- Metallic Silver Dollar Fine, B120- Metallic Fine Sparkling, B130 Metallic Extra Fine, B140- Metallic Medium Coarse, B152 Metallic Medium Coarse Bright, B160- Meallic Extra Coarse Brilliant, B162- Meallic Extra Coarse Brilliant, B170- Metallic Coarse Sparkling, B132- Metallic Extra Fine Brilliant, B150- Metallic Medium Fine, B151-Metallic Silver Dollar Medium Coarse, B161- Metallic Silver Dollar Extra Coarse, B180- Metallic Medium Coarse sparkling


250ml, 500ml, 1L