Mixed Up Car Paint to Code in 0.25L 0.5L 1L 3L or 5L

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Our Car paints are made to order, mixed to your vehicle’s exact paint code available in either 0.25L 0.5L 1L 3L or 5L

Our Colour matched car paint is a high-quality Solvent paint.

Automotive Paint Systems Colour matched car paint is a high-quality Solvent paint.
Our car paint tins are available in 0.25L, 0.5L, 1L, 3L, or 5L sizes and are colour matched to your vehicle’s original paint code. They are an excellent way to keep on top of small chips, minor damage or a Full Respray.

Instructions for Use
Cleaning & Preparation

The surface must be clean and dry; all wax, polish, and grease must be removed.
If you have a deep scratch or chip, or if you can see bare metal or plastic, we recommend starting with Primer

Shake and Test

Shake the bottle vigorously for 2-3 minutes to thoroughly mix the paint.
Unscrew to gain access to the  the paint. Please scrape the inside of the bottle neck to remove any excess paint from the brush’s stem before using it.
A small amount of paint should be tested within the damaged area.

Give it 15 minutes to dry as paints can often appear different in colour; inside the bottle, while still wet, or if applied incorrectly or onto original undamaged paint work.
Painting and Finishing

Apply thin, light coats in smooth strokes with the brush, making sure to only apply the paint to the damaged area.
Allow 15 minutes for the paint to dry before applying a second coat if necessary. Allow 1 hour for the paint to cure before applying lacquer or polishing.

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