Q1 Soft Edge Foam Tape 50M

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Q1 Soft Edge Foam Tape 50M

Traditional flat masking tape can leave paint lines when used inside apertures, or must be rolled in order to create a sort of soft edge.
Thanks to its construction, Q1 Premium Foam Masking Tape creates an edge faster than other classic jamb masking techniques.
Refinishing foam masking tape can also be left in place during the final prep phase to help.
Reduce compound and polish from entering jamb areas.
Thanks to its high conformability, the tape perfectly fits the apertures and leaves no leaks through which the paint could overspray. Forget paint bridging: refinishing foam masking tape will bring your job to a higher professional level.

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Specially designed polyurethane foam structure.
Highly absorbent to avoid any leaking and paint runs.
Mask jambs and other apertures quickly and increase profitability.
Easy/clean removal.
Solvent resistant.
Easy roll release in a box dispenser.
Leaves no residue.
Easy to shape on contours, mask and seal all jambs.
Good adhesion to vehicle surfaces and able to withstand paint booth bake cycles.
Prevents overspray from penetrating into the jamb.
Dust and other contaminants are sealed in, preventing them from damaging paint job.
Improved productivity by reducing the time required to mask jambs with tape and masking paper.

Temperature rating 176° F. / 80° C.
Refinishing foam masking tape can be applied easily inside gaps and jambs with a soft pressure of the fingers.