SATA Adam 2 BAR Black Digital Gauge

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This SATA Adam2 BAR Black can be used on any SATA 5000 Spray Gun or SATA 5500 Spray Gun.

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The SATA Adam 2 fits the following.

SATAjet X 5500

SATAjet X 5500 Phaser

SATAjet 5000

SATAjet 5000 Phaser

Product Benefits

  • To retrofit – convert any standard spray gun to a “digital.”
  • Precise setting and display of the inlet pressure – ensures perfect colour shade reproducibility.
  • Display can be attached and removed in no time at all.
  • Display can be used on several SATA spray guns. SATA adam 2 U also fits on spray gun of other makes – thus, your entire spray gun inventory can be “digitised” cost-efficiently.
  • Extended battery lifetime, easy battery exchange.
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