SATAjet X 5500 Universe with RPS multi-purpose cup (None Digital)

£873.60 Incl VAT

SATA universe Spray Guns Dispatching  26/09/2023

The special edition is not only exceptional due to its unique design but is
also the entrance ticket to the SATA universe. A world of exclusive content
that is solely reserved for the special SATA universe community:
For a minimum period of 12 months:
Exclusive offers
Sneak previews of new products
Exclusive Content
Merchandise articles
VIP invitations
and much more.

Weight 1.5 kg
Set up

HVLP 1.2 I, HVLP 1.2 O, HVLP 1.3 I, HVLP 1.3 O, HVLP 1.4 I, HVLP 1.4 O, RP 1.2 I, RP 1.2 O, RP 1.3 I, RP 1.3 O, RP 1.4 I, RP 1.4 O, RP 1.3CC