Seflow Super Clear HS Anti-Scratch Fast Clearcoat Kit

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Automotive Paint Systems brings you Seflow Super Clear. Its specially developed formulation promotes low ready-to-use viscosity, allowing users to apply it in two coats with only a short intermediate flash off time in between. Furthermore, the rapid drying performance allows users to save time and energy.

Simple to use.
Drying time is 20 -30 minutes at 60 °C object temperature. (Dependant on Hardener Choice)
After cooling, polishing is simple.
Outstanding hardening and final appearance.

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Seflow Anti Scratch has been specially developed to deliver exceptional gloss levels and a high level of durability without the need for buffing. It is ideal for spot repairs, panel repairs and entire resprays.

Mixing– 2:1 Ratio


Conventional gravity gun:

Fluid Tip 1.2mm – 1.4 mm
Air pressure 40-50 psi at the gun

Fluid Tip 1.2mm – 1.4mm
8 – 10psi at the cap


2 full coats to give recommended dry film thickness of 50 microns

Flash Time

5 – 10 minutes between coats at 20ºC
10 – 15 minutes before baking

Air Dry at 20ºC:

Dust Free: 10-15 mins. Subject to film build
Handleable: 4- 6 Hours
Final Finish: 6-12 Hours
In to service: 16 Hours

Force Dry:

Fast Hardener – 30 minutes at 60ºC panel temperature
Extra Fast Hardener – 20 minutes at 60ºC panel temperature

For Final Finish, leave for at least 2 hours and then polish.