Sunmight Gold Disc 150mm 15 Hole (100/box)

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Sunmight Gold Disc 150mm 15H

Open coat tear resistance paper made of aluminium oxide resin
Good sharpness and a long lifespan
Excellent finish, high performance without clogging
15 Hole DA disc

*** Please leave a note as to what grit you would like

Fast cutting, long life, and reduced labour time are all benefits of a special mineral with improved bonding power that avoids mineral shelling.

High cutting efficiency without clogging Good Sharpness, Long Lifetime, Premium Construction, Made with High-Quality Materials

High-quality latex paper, powerful phenol resin, and superior aluminium oxide grain are used to create Sunmight Gold. The Sunmight Gold is the solution if you’re seeking for the highest performance, dependability, and value.

Weight 1.5 kg

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