Alloy wheels are made of various metals, lending to their durability. While this is true, your car’s wheels aren’t invincible. Ignoring even minor car details and issues can be a bad idea.

Regularly inspecting your alloy wheels is the most effective way to keep existing problems from worsening. If the damage is concerning, seek alloy wheel repair and refurbishment to make them look and feel like new again.

Here are some warning signs of alloy wheel damage.

1) Warped Alloys
Alloy wheels can warp when exposed to prolonged sunlight and high temperatures. When gases trapped inside the wheel cause a wheel to warp, it becomes slightly tilted and parallel to the ground.

2) Surface Discoloration
You’ll notice this when the surface of the wheel is no longer as shiny as it once was, with uneven patches and discoloration on the metal. This usually happens after a long period of exposure to salt, chemicals, or even regular road dust. The distance between the surface of the wheel and its centre may also increase.

3) Paint Chips
Aside from discoloration, the surface of the wheel may have chipped paint. This could be an indication of wheel-to-road contact. While this isn’t always bad for the wheel, too much contact can damage the paint and metal surface. Take this as a sign that the alloy wheel needs to be renewed and repaired.

4) Blemished surface
When the wheel is exposed to acidity, such as when it comes into contact with your chemical car wheel cleaner, blemishes form on the alloy. While not as severe as other damages, it can be concerning because it can cause the wheel to become brittle over time.

5) Rim Cracks
Excessive heat or other types of stress, such as road debris, may cause visible cracks in the alloy wheel. If you notice cracks on only a portion of the wheel’s surface, this could indicate that the wheel was weakened during manufacturing.

As a car owners, we must take care of our vehicle’s wheels, knowing how important it is to keep them in good condition. Alloy wheels are the most valuable component of our vehicle, so we must pay special attention to them.

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