NEW Kapci 6050 2K HS 2:1 Anti Scratch Clearcoat Kit with Extra Fast Hardener

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Kapci 6050 is a UHS anti-scratch VOC compliant clearcoat with outstanding UV protection and a great gloss retention. Can be used over waterbourne and solvent basecoats.

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  • UHS Clearcoat
  • High UV Protection
  • Ultra High Solids
  • Premium Clear
  • Excellent Gloss Retention
  • Available in 1.5L and 7.5L kits


  • Mixing Ratio: 2:1+5-10%
  • No. of Coats: 1 light and 1 normal coat
  • Flash off: 3-5 mins at 20°c between coats (For Fast Hardener)
  • Air Dry: 6-8 hours at 20°c (For Fast Hardener)
  • Oven bake: 25 mins at 60°c (For Fast Hardener)
  • See TDS for other hardener drying times


Weight 9 kg



7.5L Kit, 1.5L Kit