Kapci Coatings Smart Repair Midi Scheme Solvent Base Tinters Pearl & Xarillics

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Kapci Coatings:

Tinters from the Kapci Midi solvent scheme.

plastic containers with easy to use flip lids. No messy tins or spills. Mixing ratio 1:1.

Please select colour needed using drop down boxes.

Tinter Name

B910 Pearl White Extra Fine, B915-Pearl white Fine Sparkling, B916- Pearl White Mideium Coarse, B920- Pearl Blue Medium Coarse, B925-Pearl Blue Fine, B930 Pearl Light Gold Medium Coarse, B935- Pearl Yellow Gold Medium Coarse, B936- Pearl Red Gold Medium Coarse, B940- Pearl Yellowish Red Medium Coarse, B942 Pearl Red Fine, B943- Pearl Red Green Medium Coarse, B945- Pearl Copper Medium Coarse, B946- Pearl Copper Fine, B950- Pearl Light Red Coarse Medium, B951- Pearl light Copper Medium Coarse, B960- Pearl Lilac Coarse, B970- Pearl Light Coarse, B972- Pearl Light Green Fine, B975 Pearl Green Medium Coarse, B976- Pearl Bluish Green Medium Coarse, B977 Pearl Blue Green Medium Coarse, B979- Pearl Graphite Black Fine, B917- Xirallic White Coarse, B926 Xirallic Galaxy Blue Coarse, B931 Xirallic Light Gold Coarse, B947- Xirallic Red Coarse, B971 Xirallic Green Coarse


250ml, 500ml