MIPA Paints Solvent BC Smart Repair Automotive Paint Mixing Tinters 125ml & 250ml

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MIPA PAINTS BC Solvent Basecoat Tinters

Plastic containers with easy to use flip lids. No messy tins or spills.


Tinter Sizes:

125ml, 250ml


All tinter numbers available:

000 – X090






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Weight 0.5 kg



BC 000 Clear(250ml), BC 004 Additive(250ml), BC A010 Metallic Extra Fine(250ml), BC A012 Metallic Very Fine(250ml), BC A014 Brilliant Met. Fine(250ml), BC A016 Metallic Med Fine(250ml), BC A018 Metallic Med Coarse(250ml), BC A020 Brilliant Met.Course(250ml), BC A030 Metallic Gold(250ml), BC Additive (VDG)(250ml), BC M10 Pearl Yellow(250ml), BC M11 Pearl Gold(250ml), BC M20 Pearl Copper(250ml), BC M30 Pearl Red(250ml), BC M31 Pearl Red Transparent(250ml), BC M32 Pearl Red Fine(250ml), BC M40 Pearl Violet(250ml), BC M50 Pearl Blue(250ml), BC M51 Pearl Blue Fine(250ml), BC M52 Pearl Blue Green(250ml), BC M60 Pearl Green(250ml), BC M90 Pearl White Fine(250ml), BC M91 Pearl White(250ml), BC R121 Tinting Yellow(250ml), BC R311 Tinting Red(250ml), BC R521 Tinting Blue(250ml), BC R901 Reduced White(250ml), BC R951 Reduced Black(250ml), BC T100 Green Gold(250ml), BC T120 Lemon Yellow(250ml), BC T130 Yellow(250ml), BC T140 Yellow Orange(250ml), BC T160 Transparent Yellow(250ml), BC T180 Ocher(250ml), BC T200 Orange(250ml), BC T300 Transparent Oxide Red(250ml), BC T310 Oxide Red(250ml), BC T320 Transparent Orange Red(250ml), BC T330 Bright Red(250ml), BC T340 Bright Marron(250ml), BC T350 Marron(250ml), BC T360 Marron Red(250ml), BC T370 Rosa Red(250ml), BC T380 Red Violet(250ml), BC T400 Violet(250ml), BC T500 Blue Violet(250ml), BC T510 brilliant blue(250ml), BC T520 Middle Blue(250ml), BC T540 Blue(250ml), BC T560 Deep Blue(250ml), BC T600 Blue Green(250ml), BC T620 Yellow Green(250ml), BC T800 Brown(250ml), BC T900 White(250ml), BC T910 Satin White(250ml), BC T950 Black(250ml), BC T960 Black(250ml), BC T970 Deep Black(250ml), BC T980 Super Black(250ml), BC X010 Crystal Gold Xirallic(125ml), BC X030 Crystal Red Xirallic(125ml), BC X050 Crystal Blue Xirallic(125ml), BC X060 Crystal Green Xirallic(125ml), BC X080 Crystal Copper Xirallic(125ml), BC X090 Crystal White Xirallic(125ml), BC Ready Mixed Vicrom(125ml)