Two Satajet 1500 B RP 1.3mm plus SATA 5500 5 Gun Case

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The Umber case is coloured to match the SATA 5500x. Strong and robust will keep those precious SATAs safe and sound.

The SATAjet 1500 B has been developed for the cost effective application of basecoats, clear coats and 2K solid topcoats in car refinishing. The compact nozzle spectrum and robust construction ensures excellent results quickly and easily.

Product Benefits

  • Optimized atomization for car refinishing
  • Anodized gun body in blue with black control elements
  • Enhanced application field: from 0,5 – 2,4 bar (Complies with the law for HVLP max. 2 bar, for RP max. 2 bar)

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The SATA Umber Case is a must buy if you own a SATA and want to keep it safe in storage.

  • Space for 5 Spray Guns + 1 Reusable Cup
  • Space for SATA Spray gun Tools
  • Space for SATA adam 2 Digital Gauge
  • Extremely Hard wearing Carry Case
  • Machine Cut Foam inserts specifically for use Spray Guns
  • Water Resistant Case

This is for the 5 Gun Case

Technical Information – RP
Air consumption 290,0 Nl/min
Max. inlet air pressure 10,0 bar
Packaging unit 1,0 Pieces
Net weight 0,660 – 0,896 kg
Recommended air inlet pressure 1,8 bar
Recommended spraying distance 17 – 21 cm
Cup connection type QCC
Nozzle Size 1,3 / 1,4
Nozzle Technology RP
Color Code System (CCS)
Quick change
Compatibility with SATA RPS – multi-purpose cups
SATA adam compatibility
Premium warranty capable
Weight 8 kg