June 29

New Indasa HT Line Ultravent Discs 75mm and 150mm


Colour changing technology White to Red Letting you know exactly when the product is finished

Brand New, In stock right now on Automotive Paint Systems are the new range of discs from Indasa. Who are famed for innovative ideas and also pushing the boundaries of auto refinishing technology. Ranging from £9.99 Plus VAT for 75mm Indasa Rhynogrip HT Line Ultravent Discs and then £18.99 Plus VAT for the 150mm Indasa Rhynogrip HT Line Ultravent Discs.

Indasa being the company that they are, they are the kings of research and development, meaning that they are always pushing new ideas to make the industry more sustainable and economical, trying to answer consumers questions along the way. With 40 years’ experience in innovation Indasa set high standards of development and production of abrasives to become a widely recognised market leader over the years

Using Ultravent technology it allows for maximum dust extraction, leaving a cleaner and healthier working environment. Another game changer is the colour changing technology (White to Red) allowing you to know when the disc is done! No longer do you have to throw away discs on a whim not really knowing whether they are finished or not. Using less product leaving more profit for you! With faster and sustained sanding powering and giving a consistent finish using secret technology of a special mineral.

So what are the features?

Uniformity of scratch pattern giving optimum substrate preparation

High flexibility making it adaptable to curves & contoured surfaces

High initial cutting action for rapid stock removal

High strength resin bond giving minimal grit shedding

Advanced technology clog resistant coating allowing for extended working performance

Quick & easy to fit Nylon grip backing system


150mm, 75mm, Indasa, Ultravent

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