Kapci 2K Direct Gloss Paint- Custom Mix -1L

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Kapcicryl 660 is a 2K compliant acrylic paint for car refinishing. Kapci cryl 660 offers high gloss top coats, hard and durable finish with very good coverage.


*Please Note This will need hardener

Mixing Ratio: (2:1+30% Thinner)


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Direct gloss is a hard, scratch resistant 2K product, that combines the colour and “lacquer” in one. You must still use a primer or apply to a painted, prepared surface. Available in a range of Ral and custom colours/ manufacturer automotive colours.

Apply in 2 Coats

Drying time of 30mins at 60 degrees Celsius or 12hrs at 20 degrees Celsius

Kapci 660 2K Acrylic topcoat does not require polishing as it offers excellent gloss. In a case
that some dirt has occurred, denib with P1500 or finer and polish by machine using a high
quality polish. Polishing is easiest up to 24 h after the drying time.
Other tips
1. For optimum application, ensure that both spray booth temperature and paint temperature
are between 20C and 25C.
2. Clean the spraygun thoroughly immediately after use of 2K products.

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